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的re are various forms of 金融援助 at 十大外围足彩网站app which consist of grants, 学生就业, 奖学金, 和贷款. 任何符合条件的学生都可以获得这些形式的经济援助. 为了符合资格,学生必须完成一份 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA).

对哪些类型的经济援助有疑问吗? 十大外围app会帮你的! 无论是赠款, 贷款, or 奖学金 the information below will provide you with all that you need to begin applying for and accepting your financial aid offer(s).

十大外围足彩网站app offers a variety of merit-based 奖学金 to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.

大多数基于成绩的奖学金项目都要求你是全日制学生, 保持最低GPA, 每学年完成30个学分. 大多数奖学金是可以续期的,但也有一些不能. 一定要阅读 关于奖学金的重要信息 查阅截止日期及有关条款和条件的更多详情.

了解十大外围足彩网站app的各种奖学金机会, 请按以下相关连结:

To download a copy of the 十大外围足彩网站app Merit-based Scholarship policy (for the prior academic year), 点击下面的链接.

的 Achievement 学费 Waiver Grant is available to assist incoming first-time freshmen who have exceptional financial need based on the results of the FAFSA. 资格 for the Achievement 学费 Waiver Grant and the amount of the award is determined based on the student’s demonstrated unmet financial need and the student’s high school academic performance. 该助学金适用于居民、城市和非居民学生. 点击下面适用于您的链接.

While care has been taken to provide accurate and current information about 十大外围足彩网站app 奖学金 and grants, 本网站所载资料如有更改,恕不另行通知.

西弗吉尼亚州为学生提供多种资源. 的 西弗吉尼亚高等教育补助金 is a need-based financial aid program to ensure full-time West Virginia students are given an opportunity to pursue post-secondary education while the 西澳大学成人非全日制高等教育学生助学金 是颁发给非全日制学生的.

视图 & 申请国家补助


承诺奖学金 is awarded to WV high-school seniors on the basis of their high school academic records and test scores.

申请承诺奖学金      申请暑期承诺


西弗吉尼亚工程科学技术奖学金.k.a. WV STEM奖学金计划 is a student financial aid program designed to enable and encourage academically talented individuals to pursue careers in the fields of engineering, 科学, 和西弗吉尼亚州的科技.

申请WV STEM奖学金


西弗吉尼亚护理奖学金项目 为攻读LPN的学生提供奖励, RN, LPN teaching or master’s or doctoral nursing education who are willing to stay in West Virginia.



西弗吉尼亚最新的,最负盛名的奖学金 安德伍德-史密斯教学学者计划 – helps recent high school graduates pursue rewarding careers as WV teachers in math, 科学, 小学教育或特殊教育.


的re are two Federal Grant opportunities for students to help offset their costs.  的 Federal Pell Grant Program is available to eligible students and is designed to provide a “Foundation” of financial assistance to undergraduate students that qualify and may be combined with other forms of aid to meet the full cost of education. 的 Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG) was established to assist in making the benefits of college education available to qualified student who, 因为他们自己或他们的家庭缺乏经济手段, 没有补助金就无法获得这些福利吗. 的se two grants are available to students who demonstrate financial need based on the 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) results. 有关这些联邦补助金的更多详情,请点击下面的链接.

视图 & 申请联邦补助金


的 Federal TEACH is available to students who intend to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families for four years within eight years of completing their degree leading to a career in teaching. 要获得TEACH奖助金,你必须每年达到一定的标准.

视图 & 申请TEACH补助金

对许多学生和家庭来说, 借贷教育贷款是支付大学学费的必要部分. Educational 贷款 are available to undergraduate and graduate students as well as parents of undergraduate students. 学生贷款是对你未来的投资. 当决定借钱时, it is important you obtain the best possible 贷款 available to you in terms of interest rates and terms of repayment.

的 Direct Loan Program is provided and administered by the Federal government, U.S. 教育部. 这笔贷款旨在帮助学生支付学费 学费、杂费、书本费和生活费. 学生贷款必须偿还. 可获得的直接贷款包括:直接补贴贷款, 直接无补贴贷款, 联邦威廉D. 福特直接加贷款,和联邦威廉D. 福特直接毕业生加贷款.

视图 & 申请联邦直接贷款

Students who need additional funds after considering the federal student 贷款 listed above or students who are ineligible for federal aid – may need to apply for a private alternative loan.

的re are several private commercial educational loan options to assist students and families in meeting college costs. You should only consider obtaining a private alternative loan only if you need funds above and beyond the maximum amount of 联邦直接贷款 or if you don’t qualify for federal financial aid. You are also encouraged to compare private alternative loan costs with those of the Federal Direct Loan programs.

视图 & 申请私人贷款


校园的机会: At any given time, about 725 undergraduates and 600 graduate students are employed on campus. 而许多校园工作都是通过网站发布的 握手, you may choose to directly contact some of the on-campus employers shown below:

校园附近机会: 学生通常能够在周边社区找到工作. 帮你找兼职工作, 十大外围app建议您创建并维护您的简历和个人资料 握手. 请致电304-696-2370与就业服务部门联系寻求帮助.

Shown below are other links that may assist you with your part-time job search:



十大外围足彩网站app 医学院 Office of Student Assistance strives to meet your financial needs by providing funds through federal, 状态, 以及机构项目. In addition, the office offers comprehensive financial aid counseling and debt management services.

有关医学院财政援助的更多信息, visit the 十大外围足彩网站app 医学院 Office of 学生资助 website at http://k.mswindowskey.comjcesom.马歇尔.edu/students/financial-assistance/.

有效处理MUSOM学生的经济援助记录, 调查, 以及其他与经济援助相关的问题, 请联系:

考特妮K. Sandefur


琼C. 爱德华兹医学院








有关军事福利的信息位于 军事和退伍军人事务部主任.edu). 

学费 Assistance benefits are also available as a financial resource for active duty military students please contact Jonathan McCormick, 咨询电话:304-696-5278.

有效处理学生的退伍军人档案, 调查, 以及其他与VA相关的问题,包括VA教育福利, please contact VA Coordinator Lora Varney in the Registrar’s Office at 304-696-2254.