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金融需求网站The Office of Student Financial Assistance determines your financial aid eligibility by subtracting your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your 出勤费用 (COA). The information you report on your FAFSA is used in a formula established by the U.S. Congress, which determines your EFC. The COA that your financial aid package is based upon reflects standard and reasonable costs.

Below are estimated 2023-24 academic year COA attendance budgets for students by the academic program. For actual tuition, fee, residence halls, and meal plan charges, please visit the Bursar website at www.马歇尔.edu/bursar.




You can view your estimated financial aid COA by accessing your 出勤费用 through the 金融援助 portal within myMU, but you must review your student account to see your actual Marshall University charges.

Below are 2023-24 Estimated Average 出勤费用 Budgets used by the Office of Student Financial Assistance to determine students’ eligibility for student financial.










Your COA attendance includes average tuition and fees based on your residency (i.e., West Virginia, Metro*, and Non-resident), enrollment status (i.e., Full-time, Part-time), and program of study (i.e., Nursing, Physical Therapy). 住房 & 食物的费用 vary based on residence hall assignment and meal plan. When you live on campus, you will be billed directly for your room and your meal plan. The COA budget component for 住房 and meals for students who live with parents or reside in off-campus 住房 vary according to your personal circumstances.  Marshall University does not charge you for these amounts, but they are part of your 金融援助 COA budget to determine your financial aid eligibility. 书籍及用品 are included and costs vary based upon your particular program of study. Transportation and Miscellaneous expenses are also variable costs and included. The Office of Student Financial Assistance estimates certain values for these variable cost components to determine your full COA.  
Metro tuition and fees apply (effective Fall 2023) to students who reside in 肯塔基州:浴, 波本威士忌, 博伊德, 欧洲蕨, Breathitt, 卡特, 克拉克, 粘土, 艾略特, Estill, 弗莱明, 弗洛伊德, Greenup, 哈里森, 约翰逊, 诺特, 劳伦斯, 李, 莱斯利, 莱彻, 刘易斯, Magoffin, 马丁, 梅森, Menifee, 蒙哥马利, 摩根, 尼古拉斯, Owsley, 彭德尔顿, 佩里, 派克, 鲍威尔, 罗伯逊, 罗文, and Wolfe; and in Ohio: Adams, 雅典, 棕色(的), 克莱蒙特, 克林顿, 费尔菲尔德, 菲也特, 高卢, 高地, 霍金, 杰克逊, 劳伦斯, 将军, 摩根, Muskingum, 高贵的, 佩里, Pickaway, 派克, 罗斯, 赛欧托, 文顿, 和华盛顿.
Marshall University policy requires all full-time freshmen and sophomores to live on campus.
You may only request an exemption from the policy of freshman and sophomores living on campus if your parent/legal guardian(s) live within 50 miles of campus by completing a 住房 Release Request form. 你可在 住房 Release Request 访问表格 http://k.mswindowskey.comwww.马歇尔.edu/Housing/resources-and-services/forms/.


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